Sunday, 30 January 2011

Knit a Poem at Stanza, St Andrews

Stanza is Scotland's International Poetry Festival held in St Andrews, Fife.  March 16 - 20th, 2011.

This year they are doing a knitted poem inspired by this huge project by The Poetry Society in London 2009...  It measure 13 x 9 metres!

a LARGE knitted poem

Anne-Marijke from The Woolly Brew knitting group is co-ordinating the knitters and has also written a haiku to celebrate the craft.

Colours, yarn and strands
Unified in a texture -
Pins in busy hands

I have been assigned the letters A and N.

Karen has got T and E.

I've never done any colour work, other than stripes so this is nice challenge for me.  The squares are to measure approximately 15cm x 15cm and given my loose tension and the need to keep the stitches firm to get  good letter definition I may have to practice a bit.  Karen has done some colour work before, so I'll maybe get some tips from her!

Watch out for our progress reports in the coming weeks.  And photos of the finished poem in March.

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